Grand Opening


2015, 2016, 2020, ongoing...

Grand Opening is a performance that was invented and performed at the opening of the exhibition at the end of the NAD BOHOM art residency in Vinnytsia in 2015.

On the day of the exhibition's opening, the weather was unseasonably hot. The artists and organizers of the exhibition were exhausted from the work they had done. Visitors came and went throughout the day. Everyone was in a dull mood. The artist Uliana Bychenkova presented her artwork at the exhibition using several dozen bottles of champagne. I proposed to her open it so that everyone could drink it and I can do it. I imagined that it would be fun to see champagne shoot out of the bottle in a straight stream high up. I did it and I was right! Everyone became cheerful and drank champagne. The exhibition was opened!

2015, The NAD BOHOM art residency in Vinnytsya.
photo by: / de-ne-de

2015. The official opening ceremony of The School of Kyiv biennial.  Curated by Hedwig Suxenhuber, Georg Schollhamer. Kyiv.

2016. «The School of Prosperity».  A Class of the School of Kyiv biennial. Performance at Musa Museum. Vienna, Austria. 

2020.  IS RITUAL EQUAL TO ROUTINE? exhibition curated by Tatiana Kochubinskaya. ARTSVIT gallery. Dnipro, Ukraine.
photo: Dzodzaev Arsen