Serhiy Popov

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              Was born in Horishni Plavni, Ukraine in 1978.
              Graduates from the Kharkiv National Aerospace University in 2002.
              Since 2005 co-founder of the artistic group "SOSka".
              In 2015-2016 participant of the artistic group "Alliance22".
              Since 2017 co-founder of the artist-run organisation "KNO | Kyiv Non Objective".
              Works with painting, sculpture, video and photography.
              Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.


                2007 – Young Artist Prize from CEE Henkel Art Award. Vienna. Austria.
                2008 – KulturKontaktAustria, artist-in-residence program. Vienna. Austria.
                2010 – KIOSK AIR project, artist-in-residence program. Chisinau. Moldova.
                2011 – GuestRoomMaribor, artist-in-residence program. Maribor. Slovenia.
                2014 – KIOSK AIR project, artist-in-residence program. Chisinau. Moldova.

               PERSONAL SHOWS

               2016 – «Visible/Invisible», Aliance22's laboratory space, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2015 – «Discontinuity», Aliance22's laboratory space, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2014 – «Signs of Society», Aliance22's laboratory space, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2013 – «Layers. Instructions.Multitude». "Mystetskyi Arsenal" gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.

2006 – «Prêt-à-Porter». Gallery-laboratory "SOSka". Kharkiv, Ukraine.



               2018  «Icons \ Ideals». KNO Lab.Space project. Mikhail Bulgakov Museum. Kiev, Ukraine.
 – «Via Line». Unlimited Art Foundation. Kyiv, Ukraine.

2012 – «Environment». Documentary exhibition about artistic movements in Kharkov. 

              CCI "Fabrika".  Moscow, Russia.
2010  «Resume». "Lavra" gallery. Kiev, Ukraine.



                        «RNOP – Cincinnati : New Work For A New System»Cincinnati (OH), USA.
                        «Infinite Worlds / Infinite Probabilities». University of Southern Queensland. ToowoombaAustralia.
                        «Point». Invogue#Art gallery. Odesa, Ukraine.
                        «Neighbours». Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Curated by VCRC. WarsawPoland.
                        «Cиметрія \ Symmetry». Galerie Abstract Project. Paris, France.


                        «Anonymous Society». PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine.

           «0/1 - KNO | Kyiv Non Objective». Mala gallery of Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.

           «ASSEMBLAGE NO.5 Van Doesburg Fanclub». Concrete StoreAmsterdam, Netherlands.

           «Points of approximation: Kharkov». Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

           «Monochromia. Vol.2». Theca Gallery, Milan, Italy. (vernissage)


           «Via Line». Unlimited Art Foundation. Kyiv, Ukraine.

           «The School of Prosperity». Performance. A Class of the School of Kyiv, Kyiv biennial. Musa museum. Vienna. Austria.

           «Monochromia. Vol.1», Diehl & Diehl Cube, Berlin, Germany.


           «Politics ofForm». Curated by Hedwig Suxenhuber, Georg Schollhamer and Franciska Zolyom.
             GfZK - Museum of contemporary art Leipzig. Leipzig. Germany.

           «The School ofKyiv». Kyiv biennale curated by Hedwig Suxenhuber and Georg Schollhamer.
             The House of Clothes (Main Venue), Kyiv, Ukraine.

           «Some say you can find happiness there», Visual Culture Research Center, Kyiv, Ukraine.



             «Power Verticals. Plywood Colonnades», Kyiv, Ukraine.

             «Grammar of Freedom», Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.

             «SAY IT.UA>», Vienna, Austria.



             «Nothing of the Kind». Museum of Moscow. Moscow, Russia.

             «Ukrainian News». CCA "Ujazdowski castle". Warsaw, Poland.



             «Myth "Ukrainian Baroque"». National Art Museum of Ukraine. Kyiv. Ukraine.

           «Arsenale 2012». The First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Kyiv, Ukraine.

             «Environment». CCI "Fabrika".  Moscow, Russia.


           «The Global Contemporary. Art Worldsafter 1989». Curated by Peter Weibel, Andrea Buddensieg.
             ZKM / Centre for art and media. Karlsruhe, Germany.

           «Impossible Community». Curated by Victor Misiano. Moscow Museum of modern art. Moscow, Russia.


             «If. UkrainianArt in Transition». Curated by Ekaterina Degot. MCA. Perm, Russia.

             «Inter-Cool 3.0». HMKV / Dortmunder U. Dortmund, Germany.

             «Numbers». International arts development foundation "EIDOS". Kyiv, Ukraine.


             «The New History». Kharkov Art Museum. Kharkov, Ukraine.

           «Curated by». Project by SOSka group and Gallery Hubert Winter. Vienna Fair. Vienna, Austria.

           «Wakefield Meadows». Curated by Anca Mihulet. Pavilion UniCredit. Bucharest, Romania.


           «Dreamers». Project by SOSka group in PinchukArtCentre / Project Room. Kyiv, Ukraine.

           «New Print Politik: Post-SovietPolitics and Contemporary Art». Ukrainian Institute of modern art. Chicago, USA.

           «Grabbing at Straws». Curated by Negative Capability (Chris Sharp, Joanna Fiduccia). Guenzani studio. Milan, Italy.


             «Critically in Between». Curated by Viktor Misiano. Art-Athens. Athens, Greece.

             «The Art World». Gallery "Feinkost". Berlin, Germany.

             «Communities. Young Ukrainian Art». Gallery "Arsenal".  Bialystok, Poland.

             «Generations U&A». PinchukArtCentre. Kyiv, Ukraine.


             «Video Bend». Gallery Stadtpark. Krems, Austria.

             «Team Colors». Gallery F.A.I.T., Krakow, Poland.

             «New Communities». Caucasus biennial of contemporary art. Tbilisi, Georgia.

                COLLECTIONS & MUSEUMS

                         National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv.
                         PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv.
                         Monika Branicka, Berlin.
                         Volker Diehl, Berlin.
                         Karsten Schmitz, Munich.
                         Igor Voronov, Kyiv.

                         2015 – Viennacontemporary Fair 2015, Alliance 22 group project presented by Diehl Gallery [Berlin], Vienna, Austria.
                          2014 – Viennacontemporary Fair 2014, Ukrainian young artists project presented by Mironova Gallery [Kyiv], Vienna, Austria.


                              DIEHL GALLERY, Berlin
                              THECA GALLERY, Milan